The IMG-S is a wide European Network of Experts in the Security domain that created an open forum connecting Academia (UNIV and RTO), Industry (SMEs and large) and End-Users.

The IMG-S comprises 7 vertical Technical Areas (TA), each addressing a specific security challenge; the Aerospace Security and Defence - Strategic Research and Technology (ASD- SRT), providing strategic orientation and advice on security and R&T priorities; and a Synthesis and Coordination Group (SCG), to orient, steer and produce integrated reports and holistic research priorities.

The IMG-S enlisted 230 members from 119 organisations representing 24 countries (Member States or Associated).

IMG-S participants have extensive experience in EU Security, with active participation in the Security Theme in H2020.

SMI2G Brokerage 2024 Event

The SMI2G brokerage event gathers European-wide innovators and practitioners who are looking for further consortium partners by presenting game-changing ideas and novel technologies addressing the challenges of the upcoming 2024 Secure Societies calls of Horizon Europe.