IMG-S Synergies between CIP-01 and INFRA-01 projects

Taking the opportunity provided by the SMI2G event (held January 29th and 30th), Mr. Alberto Bianchi (LEONARDO, IMG-S TA1 chair) and Dr. Clemente Fuggini (RINA, IMG-S TA4 chair) prepared the presentation entitled "Synergies between CIP-01 and INFRA-01 projects" that started by introducing the history and aims of IMG-S and then presented an overview of the funded H2020 SECURITY INFRA actions.

Mr. Bianchi explained the important of the IMG-S, an European network with more than 100 entities and more than 200 individuals, in establishing synergies between H2020 actions, as well as advancing in the state-of-the-knowledge in concepts such as resilience.

The IMG-S is preparing a white paper on protection of critical infrastructures and resilience to be published in early 2020.

You may see the IMG-S presentation below.